24. Get on the cover of a magazine

The year was 2003, like every student (UNICA) I was sitting in the cafeteria (eating “churros de queso”) when some girl ask me if I wanted to be a model (obviosly I laught, me being just 1.58m didnt see me as model), anyway in Nicaragua is more like brand promoter. Was my first job (for the time I felt rich with my paycheck haha).

Revista Elegancias
Revista Elegancias y Belleza



22. Meet someone famous

Thanks to my job (advertising in a telecom) I’ve been able to meet talented people and some national and international artists.



21. Do a Movie Tour: Angels and Demons

Before you start reading, here is the trailer of the movie

Dan Brown is one of my favorite author, the books The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demon, are the perfect mix of history, mistery, travel and novel.

My hubby and I spend a week in Rome and in Vatican city, there are no words to describe how amazing they are, the food, the art, the streets, is like an outdoor museum.

So being there, of course I couldn’t miss to do the Angels & Demons tour.

1. The Pantheon

Langdon comes to the Pantheon, mistakenly thinking it to be the first altar of science due to the first line of the poem “From Santi’s earthly tomb with demon’s hole”. This is an spectacular building, the entry is totally free, but you have to wait in line to enter.                 Tip: Have an amazing dinner at Armando al Pantheon

2. Santa María del Popolo (First altar of science Earth)

Go to Chigi Chapel, where the first cardinal murder takes place in the book. Here you’ll find Bernini’s statue Habakkuk and the angel, pointing the way and guiding Robert Langdon down the path of illumination. Unfortunately We didn’t get to see them as the site was closed due to restorations, but nevertheless we hanged around Piazza del Popolo

3. Saint Peter’s Square (Second altar Air)

The second cardinal was found dead in the square itself, lying by a fountain with his ribs punctured (“air escaping his ribs”).

We arrived on a sunday morning minutes before the Angelus, the best part, we got to see Il Santo Padre Francesco so close!!! We felt blessed!!

4. Church of Santa María della Vittoria (Third altar Fire)

Here you have to look for Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Teresa, a tribute to the fundamental element ‘Fire’ is considered by many to be an almost-pornographic statue. You have to use google map to located the church, cuz is very hard to find (although there is a church in every corner of Rome).All churches in Rome have free entry, all you have to do is dress appropriately and not go when there are mass.

5. Four River Fountain in Piazza Navona (Fourth altar Water)

In the fountain you’ll see four male figures that symbolize the four important rivers of the old world, one of each continent – America (Rio della Plata), Africa (Nile), Asia (Ganges) and Europe (Danube). Here is where the last cardinal almost get killed.

Must say this is by far my favorite fountain, it is so beautifully made and has so many details that You can stare at it for hours.

6. Castel Sant’ Angelo and Ill Passetto

This castle was the meeting spot of the Illuminati, and is connected to the Vatican through a secret passage – Ill Passetto”. It has an imposing structure, This Castel overlooking the Tiber River might look haunting even if you hadn’t read “Angels & Demons,” but it’ll undoubtedly be more so if you have. You have to wait in a long line to enter, and you must pay, because is a museum. You have to climb all the stairs to see the angel on the top and also to have the best view of Rome.

7. Final Stop: The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Church

Beautiful almost divine Sistine Chapel, is the site of the Papal conclave, the process by which a new pope is selected. The fame of the Sistine Chapel lies mainly in the frescos that decorate the interior, and most particularly the Sistine Chapel ceiling and The Last Judgment by Michelangelo. Is a sacred place and very guarded, you are not allow to take pictures (my bad! sorry)

St. Peter’s Church is absolutely breathtaking, You’ll see the majestic St. Peter tomb inside, the same place where the anti-matter canister was hidden in the storyline, and where the Camerlengo dies.

Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour!

19. Visit Somoto and buy their famous Rosquillas Somoteñas

Last weekend my husband and I traveled for almost 5 hours on the road to the city of Somoto, the capitol of the department of Madriz, this was our first time in this city, and the most important thing we needed to do was to buy their famous “Rosquillas”. You know how we love food!

Managua – Somoto

The highway from Managua to Somoto is in very good condition, we stopped in Estelí to have lunch in Rosti Pollos, then hit the road for another 2 more hour.

Somoto city looks like a traditional city of Nicaragua, tile-roofed houses, people on bicycles and sorrounded by mountains.

Street in Somoto

As soon as we asked for the best rosquillas, a woman from town took us directly to the Vilchez House, where they produce rosquillas, viejitas (rosquillas with melted sugar in the center), empanadas and rosquetes. They have two big artisanal ovens, you can also see the corn exposed to the sun, little birds stole one or two corn grains, and at the back are four women making the rosquillas.


20150718_165948 20150718_165904

Is a very fun and relax trip, maybe the next time we get the chance to visit the Somoto Canyon.

Another fact of the city is that this is where our great singer and writer Carlos Mejía Godoy was born.

Find more about the city here  Somoto Tourism

18. Visit one of the best Museum of the world

If you are in Madrid, there is no excuse to miss the Prado Museum. One of my favorite places in the world so far, a peacefull, full of history and obviously full of art, thanks to the spanish royals that collected all the amazing paintings and scultures of great artists.

 The building itself is a work of art, a beautifull 18th century Neo Classical building.

Go along through the eponymous street, El Paseo del Prado, to start getting the artistic vibe.

El Prado Museum

Once You get to the museum, You´ll be amaze by Tiziano, Velázquez, Rembrant, El Greco, Goya, Zurbarán, Durero, Van der Weyden (El descendimiento de la cruz, is just breathtaking), Ribera, Caravaggio, Tintoretto, Rafael, Murillo and Rubens.

I never though I was going to be just centimeters away from Las Meninas de Velazques, I always imagine there will be like a lot of security around the paintings and you have to be at least ten feet away.

El Prado Museum Masterpieces

This Museum is enormous, I spend almost 4 hours and only got to apreciate the masterpieces (50). It’s worth picking up a free map when you arrive, they include the must see masterpieces and a floor plan (thanks to my hubby´s recomendation and also for being such a perfect tourist guide).


  1. ¿Wanna save a few euros? If you are also planning to visit, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofia National Museum Art Centre buy the Paseo del Prado Ticket (around 14.40 €)
  2. No, you are not allowed to take pictures
  3. If you stay close to groups you may be able to over hear some information about the paintings
  4. Buy a souvenir at the Prado shop
  5. Buy the General admission + the Official Guide (23 €)
  6. Read in advance about the artista, here is the oficial site https://www.museodelprado.es/en
  7. Spend most of your time contemplating Las Meninas, one of the most enigmatic Velasquez’s works
  8. The hours of maximum influx of visitors is from 11.00 to 13.30
  9. If you carry larger bags there is a Cloakroom
  10. Download the floor plan and masterpieces here http://goo.gl/oQ2R0v

La Guía del PradoMuseum El Prado ticket, souvenir and floor map

21 days in Madrid, Spain

The first time I stepped on european soil, was in Lisboa, Portugal, after a long long 8 hour flight, I could not contain my excitement, in few hours I was going to eat some tapas in Spain. In the next post I’ll be sharing my experiences in the land of Cervantes where I crossed off some items from my bucket list.

First advice: If you are planning a trip to Europe, please stay more than 15 days in the same city, that way you get to know really well their culture.

Second advice: plan ahead what places and tourist attraction you are going to visit, ‘cuz even I was for 21 days, there’s a lot to do, eat and visit in Spain. Read the comments from tripadvisor

Third advice: the 8 hour flight from Miami to Lisboa is really painfull, so take sleeping pills, grab a book and a magazine and mentally prepare yourself.

Last advice: the Food in Spain is a very important deal, so prepare yourself to experience the best cuisine in the world. ¡Do not skimp on the food!

"De Madrid al cielo"
“De Madrid al cielo”