Basic Definitions

For those who do not know and still have not seen the movie “The bucket list” yet, this is what it means:

Bucket list: A ‘bucket list‘ is a written list of things you want to do before you die, or ‘kick the bucket’. This term was recently made popular in the movie,The Bucket List, where a couple of terminally ill cancer patients made a ‘bucket list‘ after they realized they didn’t have much time left. As a result, they both traveled the world together as they set out to accomplish each item on the ‘bucket list‘.
You can include your goals, dreams and all different kind of things. i recommend to write down everything you want to do no matter how crazy or difficult it might seems, remember you never know whats around the corner. Also you might as well tell your friends so your list become a commitment.


One thought on “Basic Definitions

  1. I luv it Claudia!! i like the design and the content.. you should soon start to post your adventures! you need to share the things that you've already done and tell us about it! I'm excited! lots of hugs!


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