Bucketlist Party Theme

Hello darlings, i was thinkin of cool ideas x birthday party and since i’m involve in this bucketlister thing why not throw a Bucketlist Birthday Party for a friend. here are some ideas for the party:

1. Consult the birthday honoree about some of the things in her life that she’s always wanted to do or try.  
2. Create little station with the birthday honoree’s bucketlist, maybe he or she always wanted to learn to make sushi, you can put a sushi rolling demonstration.
3. Have guest create their own “things 2 do before i die
” list and post the list on a board. Make it a game to see who can correctly match the most list to the people who made them. 
4. Print the whole 
bucket list out on very nice paper, frame it and give it to birthday honoree a
t the party.
5. Use metallic bucket and put little inspirational 
quotes inside. you can use them as a center piece.


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