17. Given back to the community

I am not afraid of needles or blood, the only reason that i haven’t been able to donate blood in the past is that i did not reach the right weight to do it. You have to Weigh at least 110 lbs. So thanks to sugar and fat i did it last week.

At first i was anxious, the whole process take around 20-30 minutes it does not hurt at all.
Even though i wasn’t afraid, for a moment i felt a little dizzy  and cold, so i call the nurse and she told me to raised my legs so the blood could flow to my head.
At that moment i felt embarrased, because all the other student were doing fine.
Thank God it all ended ok and now i am very happy and proud to have done it, now i can probably said that i saved a life.
Please try to get in contact to your local red cross or investigate if there is going to be a Donate blood campaign soon in your neighborhood.
 Thanks to the red cross volunteer and to the American College staff i can now cross this item of my buketlist.
Seven days later, got myself a little souvenir 🙂

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