21 days in Madrid, Spain

The first time I stepped on european soil, was in Lisboa, Portugal, after a long long 8 hour flight, I could not contain my excitement, in few hours I was going to eat some tapas in Spain. In the next post I’ll be sharing my experiences in the land of Cervantes where I crossed off some items from my bucket list.

First advice: If you are planning a trip to Europe, please stay more than 15 days in the same city, that way you get to know really well their culture.

Second advice: plan ahead what places and tourist attraction you are going to visit, ‘cuz even I was for 21 days, there’s a lot to do, eat and visit in Spain. Read the comments from tripadvisor

Third advice: the 8 hour flight from Miami to Lisboa is really painfull, so take sleeping pills, grab a book and a magazine and mentally prepare yourself.

Last advice: the Food in Spain is a very important deal, so prepare yourself to experience the best cuisine in the world. ¡Do not skimp on the food!

"De Madrid al cielo"
“De Madrid al cielo”

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