19. Visit Somoto and buy their famous Rosquillas Somoteñas

Last weekend my husband and I traveled for almost 5 hours on the road to the city of Somoto, the capitol of the department of Madriz, this was our first time in this city, and the most important thing we needed to do was to buy their famous “Rosquillas”. You know how we love food!

Managua – Somoto

The highway from Managua to Somoto is in very good condition, we stopped in Estelí to have lunch in Rosti Pollos, then hit the road for another 2 more hour.

Somoto city looks like a traditional city of Nicaragua, tile-roofed houses, people on bicycles and sorrounded by mountains.

Street in Somoto

As soon as we asked for the best rosquillas, a woman from town took us directly to the Vilchez House, where they produce rosquillas, viejitas (rosquillas with melted sugar in the center), empanadas and rosquetes. They have two big artisanal ovens, you can also see the corn exposed to the sun, little birds stole one or two corn grains, and at the back are four women making the rosquillas.


20150718_165948 20150718_165904

Is a very fun and relax trip, maybe the next time we get the chance to visit the Somoto Canyon.

Another fact of the city is that this is where our great singer and writer Carlos Mejía Godoy was born.

Find more about the city here  Somoto Tourism


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